Relief Efforts

1. Townhall Meeting

INA board members held a town-hall meeting before proceeding on with the fund disbursement efforts. The meeting was held on May 3rd, Sunday at Waukee Public Library. INA board presented the guidelines and the plan for short term relief to Earthquake victims. The presentation slides used for the meeting can be read at

2. Janak Adhikari working on the ground zero as INA representative

A team of volunteers headed Nepal quickly within a week of intial earthquake for humanatarion support which included representatives from Nebraska Nepalese Society, American Nepali Medical Foundation and Iowa Nepalese Association. Janak Adhikari from Cedar Rapids represented INA and the team conducted relief  activities mainly in Kathmandu, Dolakha, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok districts. INA has disbursed $1500.00 to Janak Adhikari for relief and support activities. Read More…

3. Collaboration with CNI, Confederation of Nepalese Industries

CNI and MaHa Sanchar, through the Citizen Relief Fund, have been working collaboratively in providing relief materials (food, water and shelter) to most affected areas and has initiated long term rehabilitation programs for those affected through the earthquake. Kailash Kayastha (INA member) and Surendra Bajracharya (Vice President, INA) have approached CNI and joined hands in various relief activities. As a part of this collaboration, INA has disbursed $10,000.00 to the relief fund that is maintained by CNI. Read More …

4. Provided Support to releif activities by Kalinchowk Youth Club

Dolakha has been hit hard by the great earthquake of Nepal on April 25, 2015 and its aftershocks. Besides human lives and casualities, around 97% of the houses in this area has been affected by the earthquake and aftershocks. 

Kalinchowk Youth Club is more than 50 years old non-profit organization based at Dolakha Village (now part of Bhimeshwor Municipality). This club is raising fund and administering The Dolakha Village Earthquake Relief Program. It will focus on Relief and Rebuilding program in Dolakha Village which is divided into 3 main phases as Initial Relief, Temporary Shelter and Rehabilitate and Rebuild.

INA received proposal to contribute to Kalinchowk Youth Club and help them financially. As decided jointly by Fund Disbursement committee and INA executive committee, the amount of USD 4200.00 was transfered to the club's account. View photos provided by KYC …

More updates on the KYC club's activities can be read at

5. Contribution to Midterm efforts by Ujyalo Foundation

Ujyalo Foundation is a U.S and Nepal based non-profit organization, which aims to create sustainable development through innovative technologies in Nepal.It has been working for the distaster relief in Nepal since the earthquake has struck in the country. They started their relief as a resource bank for food, medical supplies, blankets and tents, first aid kits, medicines, primary care items and services.

A proposal from Ujyalo Foundation was submitted to INA and it was approved by Fund Disbursement Committee as well as INA executive committee. As per the proposal INA disbursed the amount of USD 3500.00 to this non-profit organization. On the receipt/acknowledgement letter passed on to INA, Ujaylo Foundation mentioned explicitly that the amount INA has contributed would be used in constructing midterm shelters in Jhagajhuli VDC of Sindhuli district in Nepal.

The website address of Ujyalo Foundation is and their actions for victims of earthquake are summarized in the page