Table Tennis Tournament 2018


Winter in Iowa is cold and bitter but to keep the camaraderie afloat amongst Nepalese here in Des Moines, we try to organize some sort of winter games every year. This is one of them. The goal of this tournament is to have fun, be physically active and meet with people from different walks of life with whom we wouldn’t have interactions otherwise. None of us here are trained or professional sportsmens, so lets all get together and play for fun.
3rd Iowa Nepalese Association Table Tennis Tournament to be held starting January 13 2018 to March 2018. First round will be ladder approach based and second round will be double elimination round at the club. More details regarding the tournament will be shared via email or INA website.
To keep track of matches and sort ranking automatically, we will be using web-app, where a player can challenge it’s opponent as per his/her convenience and comfort level. This is our first time trying this approach for Round 1. Top 12 ranked players will move on to Division 1 and rest to Division 2 for Round 2, where matches will be played based on double elimination. More details about Round 2 will be shared later.

Iowa Nepalese  Association is a non profit organization with the primary goal to share and promote Nepalese life and culture in Iowa. This website not only focus on the organization and its activities, but also provides a glance to Nepalese life in Iowa. There are comparatively small number of Nepalese living in Iowa. Most of them lives  in Des Moines, which is the capital of Iowa. Others live in the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Fairfield, Ames, Pella, Indianola, Grinnel, Cedar Falls, Dubuque and Decorah. Nepalese living all over these cities come together and celebrate various occasions throughout the year in peace and harmony.