About Us


INA, Iowa Nepalese Association, is a non-profit organization founded in 2013. We do not have any affiliation, endorsement, and support to any political parties, groups, religions or institutions. We are primarily based in Greater Des Moines Area and have been performing various activities in this region. Within last two year, INA has significant number of members mainly from Des Moines area and also from cities nearby like Ames, Iowa City and Fairfield. In the past days, INA has been successfully unifying Nepalese living around Des Moines and within Iowa as a whole.

The main pupose of INA is to preserve, maintain, and facilitate Nepalese identity, language, culture and heritage. INA has conducted various activities and is willing to continue, few such activities are – cultural shows, concerts from Nepalese artists, food festivals, picnics, sports tournament.