Urban Pet Hospital and Resort

Urban Pet Hospital and Resort is a full service veterinary hospital situated at Urbandale, Iowa. It is founded by Dr. Anil Regmi with a vision of providing a first class medical service and a luxury resort for pets at a very "Affordable Price" in central Iowa. It  was started in March 2000 as Urban Pet Hospital  was started in March 2000 and became a Urban Pet Hospital & Resort in November 2007 and became a Urban Pet Hospital & Resort in November 2007. For more information, please visit

Urban Pet Hospital and Resort is supporting Iowa Nepalese Association by sponsoring the web hosting cost for 3 years starting January 2015.



The Wellmark Foundation

Iowa Nepalese Association expresses its appreciation to "The Wellmark Foundation" for its financial support that was received January 2015 on behalf of Bikal Adhikari. INA is committed in its vision/mission to share/promote Nepalese life, cultural experience to the local community. We would like to thank The Wellmark Foundation for its generous donation and support.



Global Arts Therapy

The Global Arts Therapy project is founded by Samantha Thomas in December 2011. It has mission to provide arts education programs and sustainable economic development opportunities to urban youth and women in the U.S. and developing nations. It has started various programs in Nepal and have partnered with INA for Celebrate Nepal festival. More details can be found in the webiste