2016 – 2017

Message from the President


Namaste !

I would like to start my message by welcoming our new community members.

We have come a long way since we hosted our first Nepali New Year at Urbandale Senior Citizen Center way back in 2001 when most of us were still students and new to Iowa. Since then our community has grown and matured and we have been running now as a formal organization for the 4th year. We conduct social and cultural activities around the year that helps us to promote and preserve our Nepali Heritage as well as help us be part of the wider Des Moines community.

Over the years, we have all observed that the dynamics of our community is constantly changing. There are old timers moving out and many new comers joining us, new families being born and new careers being started, families seeing their kids off to college and for some, it is their first day at school. There is so much diversity in our community today which has enriched us by way of helping, sharing and learning from each other and providing talent and resources to our community. It all helps us to develop a sense of belonging in particular that makes Greater Des Moines area a great livable city.

So, I would like to invite our new members to participate and be involved in our cultural and social events to contribute and learn what a community is all about and I would like to say Thank You to all those who were and are part of this wonderful community. 

“ Be part of our great community, together we can grow ! ”


Kapil Limbu
President 2016 -2017


Board Members (2016 – 2017)


Kapil Limbu

Surendra Bajracharya

General Secretary:
Prajwol Gopali

Krishna Pandit

Public Relations Director:
Sanjita Pradhan

Executive Board Members:
Aabristi Khadka
Biswas Bhattarai
Bhavesh Shrivastav
Sanjay Shrestha